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 of Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is a paradise for hill walking in the Canaries, with inhabited cave villages, lake side walks, spectacular mountain scenery and wonderful flora & fauna especially in the Spring.  There is a great deal to explore and discover in the central mountains.  There are a great variety of hikes on outstanding trails, for all abilities of walker, many of these are off-the-beaten-track and the climate is excellent for trekking.

 - Palm tree on Fataga barranco trail, San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain -  - Hiking in La Culata, independent self-guided walking group descending from Caldera Marteles, Canaries, Spain -  - Roque Nublo, through rock window, famous landmark of Gran Canaria, Spain -  - Endemic Canarian Bell Flower, on a mountain trail, seen while hill walking in the Canaries -  - Mountain near Mogan, off-the-beaten-track and ridge walking via the Caminos Reales trekking routes, walking holiday in Spain -  

  Dont leave Gran Canaria without seeing it

THE definitive Guide for hikers and explorers by Rambling Roger, resident in Gran Canaria, Spain    


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The 'Don't leave Gran Canaria without seeing it' Guide is regularly updated and we will be delighted to receive your feedback, comments etc!


 - Palm tree, at Fataga barranco, seen on treeking holiday Gran Canaria, Canaries, Spain -



The Terrain and Maps - Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a volcanic island with high mountains and many deep canyons and ravines, there are many interesting and spectacular rock formations.  The terrain you will be walking on is very variable, from grassy meadows in the North to barren scree in the South.  The condition of most of the paths is good, but they are not well maintained, on rare occasions you will have to clamber over a rock fall, or fight your way through a few bushes.

Camino Reales...

Many of the footpaths you will be walking are old 'Camino Reales'.  Camino Reales are old donkey tracks that used to connect villages together many years ago, before the advent of modern vehicles.

Some have become rather overgrown, some have been restored, but others have become dirt roads or concrete tracks, and a few have now been asphalted.

Tree on Camino Real,
near Cruz de Tejeda

 - Tree on Camino Real, near Cruz de Tejeda seen on walking holiday in Gran Canaria, Spain -

Wherever possible I try to avoid tarmac roads in my walking guide 'Don't Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' but there are a few occasions where to complete a circular walk some tarmac is unavoidable.

Hiking Maps

There are no Ordnance Survey type maps of Gran Canaria. The maps I recommend are from Discovery Walking Guides (DWG)

We are pleased to announce that we have been involved with Discovery Walking Guides (DWG) who have produced what we believe is the best map available for hikers in Gran Canaria. The map has a scale of 1 to 50000 and covers the complete island.

It is available in both printed and digital versions. All of my published walking routes are included, as well as much more. You can see full details on the DWG web site at www.dwgwalking.co.uk

The printed version of the map is on Polyart material which is Super-Durable and waterproof. The map is double sided and will cost £8.99 inc. VAT in the UK and €12.00 in Gran Canaria. The DWG map of Gran Canaria has an ISBN number of 9781904946984 and is available from Amazon or Stanfords. The printed version will also available in Gran Canaria from March 2014.

Gran Canaria Tour & Trail Map

The digital version can be used with Garmin mapping GPS models. It can be purchased online from www.dwgwalking.co.uk as a digital download for £5.99 inc. VAT. The digital maps are also available for smart phones using the Viewranger and MyTrails apps.

We can highly recommend this map and we believe it is the map best available. A map should be purchased to accompany my Guide(s) 'Don’t Leave Gran Canaria Without Seeing It' to get the 'big picture', as my maps are only very local to give a rough guide of the route.

Always have a 'Plan B' in case of bad weather when you get to the start of a hike.

Satellite Views of Gran Canaria...

Google Maps & Google Earth are other good ways to get the feel of Gran Canaria and its mountains.  No footpaths are shown but they do show the network of small and larger roads across the island - start your journey at Tejeda, which is in the heart of walking/hiking country:

  View Larger Map

Gran Canaria has a wide variety of beautiful scenery - mountain top views, forests, lakes, glistening reservoirs, waterfalls and streams, not to mention peasant agriculture, cave dwellings and animal farms.  To create interest, Roger tries to incorporate as many of these different types of terrain into each of his walks.  You will need to be reasonably fit and used to walking on rough ground to enjoy his walks, but you will not find any of them endurance tests, nor will you find jaw dropping cliff ledges to encounter.  You will be tired on their completion, but they are all safe and enjoyable and have a guaranteed a feeling of achievement, with memories of views and characters met, to last you all your days

Roger Vokes


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THE ultimate Guide
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'Don't leave Gran Canaria
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